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Offiical Balls

Updated 1/15/13 


Official Ball per sport:

Baseball: Rawlings CIF-SS Must be this specific ball in playoffs; not alternative Rawlings baseball

Boys Basketball: Spalding TF1000 Classic NFHS; Spalding TF1000 Legacy NFHS

Girls Basketball: Spalding TF1000 Classic 28.5 NFHS
Spalding TF1000 Legacy 28.5 NFHS

Football: Spalding ball with NFHS ; any model with NFHS stamp

Soccer: Spalding TF-SC5 NFHS for both boys and girls use. (New for 2013-14)
Spalding TF-SC3 NFHS for both boys and girls use (New for 2013-14)
Spalding TF5000 NFHS for both boys and girls use.

Softball: Dudley CFP12Y NFHS

Tennis: Wilson tennis ball

Volleyball: Spalding with NFSH stamp: TF-VB5, TF-VB3 (new for 2013)
Spalding with NFHS stamp: TF5000, TF3000, TF1500

Boys Water Polo: Kap7 105 NFHS

Girls Water Polo: Kap7 104 NFHS

All playoff ball adoptions agreements with the CIF-SS run through June 30, 2016 except for tennis which concludes June, 2013.

Mandatory Playoff Use Requirement:
The mandatory "official" ball rule for all playoff rounds, excluding golf. The rule applies throughout the conduct of all CIF-SS playoff contests.

Playoff Ball Use Rule Enforcement:
Should a school fail to provide the correct game ball the game will always be played. Teams/schools failing to utilize the correct official ball in CIF-SS playoffs will be reported by officials to CIF-SS and will not be allowed to host their next available home playoff game. Penalty does carry over to the next season if not enforceable this season due to elimination.

Note: NFHS stamp is required in all sports except in golf and tennis.